A Good Marketing Mechanic is Hard to Find

Like locating a good babysitter or barber, finding a reliable mechanic is like discovering gold. With decades of experience working at fast-growing technology companies and established Fortune 500 brands, we know what it takes to build and maintain a high-performance marketing engine.

When you hire one of our marketing mechanics, you can expect three things:


Straight Talk

Nothing’s worse than a mechanic who sells you a “fix” when nothing’s  broken or who uses jargon you don’t understand. We are straight shooters who do everything with honesty and integrity. 


A Road Map

We’ll chart a course that clearly outlines your business objectives and how we will tune-up your marketing engine to get you from here to there.


Measurable Results

At the end of the day, what matters most is getting your marketing strategy on the road with achievable results and keeping that engine firing on all cylinders.

Meet the Marketing Mechanics

From start-ups to global giants, working for agencies and brands, our marketing experts have developed decades of experience across a wide range of business disciplines.

Kristin Wagner - Headshot

Kristin Wagner

With over 20 years of experience driving measurable growth in both established and emerging markets, Kristin has proven her ability to align marketing and sales initiatives with long-term strategic and organizational objectives. 

She is a data-driven e-commerce and marketing leader with proven success at Fortune 1000 companies like Lexmark International, CenturyTel, and H&R Block.

Kristin earned an MBA from the University of New Mexico and a BS in marketing from Kansas State University. As the daughter of a career Army officer, she is passionate about supporting those who serve and recently established the Wildcat Brat Scholarship for military dependents attending her alma mater.

Jeff Xouris is a Marketing Mechanic

Jeff Xouris

Jeff brings more than 25 years of strategic global marketing, consulting and executive leadership, within both agency and corporate environments.  

He’s successfully led organizations at various stages of growth, and many successful exits, including his most recent role at 4INFO (acquired by Cadent), where he was responsible for the company’s strategic planning, customer acquisition and engagement, as well as operations and analytics.  

Jeff’s previous experience includes leading enterprise digital transformation projects for Fortune 100 brands, as well as aligning sales and marketing through data-driven approaches, including account-based model development, implementation, adoption and outcomes.

Jeff holds his bachelor’s degree from Rockhurst University in Kansas City.

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